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GreenDIYenergy allows you to discover solar “secrets” and how you will be able to create it on your own. It gives you an instructional guide on how to make your own solar panels and requires that you only focus on it and nothing more to that so learning will be a lot easier for you.

The GreenDIYenergy you’ll learn the secret used to build a professional grade solar panel for less than 100 bucks. It may sound impossible but true. Everyone today is driven to slash their electricity bills because of its soaring rate. Even the government said that it will continue to rise still as time will pass. So, would you rather do anything about it or continue wasting your money on that?

Why do you need this GreenDIYenergy instructional guide?
Perhaps you might be wondering you should avail of this product. Below are few reasons why you should have this guide.

•    If you are in so much debt you don’t even know how got there
•    If you can’t remember the last time you has a “stress – free” vacation
•    If you want to save some extra money for retirement
•    If the kids are coming up on college and you don’t know how you’re going to pay for it

If you think you are one of those listed above then you really need to have the GreenDIYenergy instructional guide to save you a lot of money wasted in your electric bills.

The GreenDIYenergy is authored by Bryan Clark. He will teach you how to save your money through providing you easy – to – follow guides with you doing the basic DIY skills. He encourages you how to use and build your own solar power solar panels for which it saves environmental pollution. This is to save you from buying costly professional solar panels. This is good if you can afford it but how about those that is not able to afford? Then the GreenDIYenergy is the answer for you.

How do you build your own solar panels?
With the GreenDIYenergy, it needs not for you to stress yourself too many in understanding things about the electricity so you can make your own solar panels. Below are 7 steps that you can easily follow for you to build your own solar panels.

•    Buy your solar cells from any stores that will save you the cost. Buy those that are 3×6 inches.
•    Build your frame. The frame can be made out of wood.
•    Paint and Seal the frame. Do not forget this step. This will protect your wood. Marking a cross in your frame will help you to easily line your solar cells.
•    Wire solar cells together.
•    Mount Solar Cells on Frame. You can use a material that will stick your solar cells in a way that it won’t easily crack.
•    Connect the Rows together.
•    Mount Protective cover to keep your solar cells safe.

Building your own solar panels is as simple as those 7 steps completely done. And all you will need is the simple steps to build a solar panel.

The GreenDIYenergy is composed of guides that will assist you to create your own solar panels in less than $100. This may sound new to you and maybe you are just afraid to do it on your own. Well, this has already been proven to have worked and was built by some of the villagers in Nicaragua. This for sure will take the fear away from you.

The GreenDIYenergy comes with two instructional guides that will teach you a step – by – step procedure on how to exactly build your own solar panels. And aside from that it comes with two more bonus guides that assist you with more tips. Plus! Another bonus guide that is going to teach you the easy – energy – audit. One best thing is that it also comes with an hour of instructional video for which you can follow through. All these guides will be yours if you avail of the GreenDIYenergy.

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